About Christopher Voss

We Build Quality Masterpieces That Stand The Test of Time

Christopher Voss is a Master Craftsman and Designer of one of a kind masterpieces. At age of 11 years old he started apprenticing in his family's shop, perfecting his craft and by 18 years old could make most kind of products that was asked of him.

Voss International Wrought Iron is based in South Texas and over time have established a reputation as the leading metal works specially shops manufacturing high quality wrought iron masterpieces. Voss International is able to offer the widest selection of materials, styles, sizes in design of any custom fabrication shop. We only use quality materials to ensure strength and durablity in our manufacturing to ensure a finished product that is second to none in terms of design and our attention to details. Our family trade secrets that have been passed down are still used today to ensure that our masterpieces never fail, rust out or degrade in anyway.

Christopher Voss - The Master Craftsman